Online Store FAQ

Can you help me select a store platform for my business?

Each business is different. There are numerous offerings from vendors like Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay and others. Depending on the type of products and your sales goals, researching the options can be complex. I can help review the features and aid in the selection of the online store system that is right for you.

Can you help with Yahoo! Stores?

If you need help creating, renovating, or refreshing a Yahoo! store Brad Wise Consulting can help. If you need help with Yahoo Store Editor or Yahoo site build, I have used both for several years.

I started my online store in Yahoo Sitebuilder now my store has grown can I switch?

In many cases Yahoo stores are started using the Yahoo SiteBuilder. As the store grows the cost of maintaining the site increases. Typically many of the newer features from Yahoo are only available in the StoreEditor. Switching can be complicated and risky without professional help.

I started my online store with an HTML shopping cart now I need a store can you help me switch?

It is very common for small businesses to get started with low cost do it yourself online shopping carts. This is an excellent way to test product sales. As the business grows migrating to a online store platform can help increase the customer shopping experience and increase sales.

How do I make sense of all of the marketing reports required to run an online store?

Understanding the hundreds of web analytic reports can be extremely complicated. Getting professional help understanding the metrics and how to use them to make changes to your website can improve your sales. It is a good idea to setup monthly consults to review web analytics and build action items to improve sales.

When I search for my site on Google, Bing, and Yahoo nothing shows up?

Getting help registering your website with a search engine is an easy fix in most cases. Depending on the domain it can take several weeks for a new site to be included in the search results. Additional internet marketing may be required to improve the website’s position in the results and reduce the delay.

When I search for my site the results are not what I want my customers to see. How can I fix this?

For sites without search engine optimization, the search engine bots will select what they think is relevant. However, what the search engine selects to display is rarely what you want your customers to see. Professional search engine optimization is required to improve what is displayed in the search engine results.