WordPress FAQ

How much does it cost to get a website or blog setup?

Most customers have specific requirements which make the cost of each installation different. The best way to get started is to receive a consultation with a professional web designer to review your requirements.
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To get a general idea of website costs review the small business packages below.

Small Business WordPress Starter Package
Small Business WordPress Deluxe Pakage

What is a theme?

A theme is the layout and colors of the website. Purchasing a theme is the most cost effective way to have a visually appealing website. While there are many free WordPress themes, I recommend using StudioPress themes.

What is customer provided content?

Customer provided content refers to the paragraphs of text and images you would like displayed on each web page. The text for the initial website can be provided using any word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

What is the difference between a blog post and a webpage?

Web pages are permanent pages which you would like displayed on your website all the time. Blog posts are dated web pages that are displayed for a period of time and then get replaced by newer blog posts.

What are categories?

Categories allow you to organize your content to allow visitors to your website to easily find your content. For example, you could have a category for “Recent News” that shows only the blog posts that are assigned to that category.

What are tags?

Tags are a way to describe the content in your blog posts. For example, a post with a title of “New Gadgets 2010” could have keyword tags describing the content like “Apple iPad”, “Apple Devices”.

My website is online, but when I search on Google, Bing, and Yahoo my site is not listed.

While the search engines sometimes find new websites, it is more common that the website must register with each search engine.

Should I use free hosting or pay a service provider to host my website?

In general, I recommend paying for a reputable hosting provider. When you pay for hosting you will have a better quality of service and the ability to call for technical support.

How will I know if my website has visitors?

It is recommended that you configure web analytics to track what web pages are being viewed. The tracking codes can be added to any website.

How will I know if my blog has visitors?

If the goal of your blog is to develop subscribers, it is recommend that Feedburner be configured for your blog. Feedburner will allow you to track the details of the subscribers.

Can I get more features added to my website?

There are many ways to get features added to your website. WordPress supports feature enhancements with Plugins, Widgets and custom code.